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Orthotics: Helpful Devices for the Feet and Body!

Orthotics is a collective term for medical fields that deals with the manufacture and application of corrective and supportive devices, also referred to as orthoses. These devices are used to support the limbs and torso. Recently, advancement in the industry has led to the development of cognitive devices that helps to rectify cognitive functions.

The term ‘ortho’ is Greek for straighten, which gives these devices their function. There are various science fields whose work contributes to the development of these corrective devices.  These fields include anatomy and physiology, materials engineering, psychology and gait analysis. Read More...

Plantar Fasciitis involves pain under the heels

Which are the Prime Risk Groups for Plantar Fasciitis?

Given the fact that Plantar Fasciitis is an orthotic ailment that afflicts runner and athletes on a very frequent basis, it is also commonly known as ‘jogger’s heel’ or ‘runner’s heel’. But does that mean that only the above groups are at risk of suffering from Plantar Fasciitis? Not really, because orthotic research has proven that undue strain on the heel or frequent bending of the foot and toes, can lead to this condition. Obese people are also at risk of developing Plantar Fasciitis, and so are people whose work involves standing for long periods of time, like receptionists, security personnel, sales clerks etc. But all said and done, this ailment characterized by intense pain under the heels, is extremely common in runners. The pain is usually found to be the most intense during the morning hours, or after physical activity, while the region of the pain is initially restricted to the heel, but goes on to spread across the entire plantar fascia, the connective tissue that runs along from your calf muscles till your toe bones.

Are children susceptible?

The susceptibility of children to Plantar Fasciitis is a very common question, and the fact is that children can also be affected. Not many people are aware of this fact, and tend to take cases of heel pain in children as a generic condition, thereby worsening the situation in many cases. If your child is suffering from heel pain, you must immediately get in touch with a trusted podiatrist, as medical research has proven that if children continue to play despite the initial symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis (primarily involving mild pain under the heels), the damage done can be long-term and often irreversible. While those children who participate actively in sports are obviously more susceptible to this ailment, the rising incidence of obesity amongst children, pre-teens and adolescents can also cause them to develop flat feet at an early age, thereby endangering the plantar fascia. But the good news is that in the case of children, this condition can be easily treated when detected at an early stage. Read More...

Patellofemoral Syndrome (Knee Pain) And Its Treatment

Patellofemoral syndrome is a pain associated with the knee area. It affects both young and elderly people and can be quite debilitating if not treated or managed. Like the name suggests, this pain occurs at the Patellofemoral joint, which is essentially where the femur joint meets the patella or kneecap in lay terms.

So when does this pain arise? Well, when pressure is exerted on the kneecap over a long time, you will develop discomfort caused by poor alignment. In time this complicates and becomes Patellofemoral syndrome, which is commonly seen by physiotherapists Read More...

The Causes and Diagnosis of Shin Splints

How important are our legs?

The legs are no doubt the best gift from god to humans. They enable us to be mobile and explore the beautiful world around us. The human body requires proper care and attention in order to function without a glitch and the legs are no exemption. The legs comprise of thigh, shin and feet. The shin refers to the body part between the feet and the thigh. Just like any other part of the body, shins are affected by diseases and require proper care and treatment in order to heal properly. Shin Splits is the most common type of disease which has been reported by people, majorly athletes. Shin splits is often defined as throbbing and pain in the shins after walking, sprinting or running. Others may witness pain post their daily hectic schedule which may include remaining on your feet for longer durations.


What causes shin splits?

There are no. of reasons for a person to suffer from shin splits. Though the disease is common between athletes, as athletic activities directly put burden and force over the shins, hence shin splits is classified as the most common running injury. For runners, a shift from running surface can also cause shin splits. For example, shifting from dirt track to asphalt. Other major reasons of shin splits can be as follows – Read More...

Information Guide on Heel Pain and How to Fix it!

Are you suffering from heel pain?

It can be said without a doubt that heel and foot complaints have risen in the past ten years. There are a number of factors that have led to the increase in heel and foot complaints. Men and women are becoming more and more active – working several jobs, playing sports professionally and for a healthier lifestyle, partying all night long and being involved in other types of physical activities which put more strain and pressure on the foot. Heel pain is most often caused by the foot condition known as plantar fasciitis even though other conditions can also result in heel pain including arthritis, tendonitis or stress fracture. 

According to the university of Maryland medical centre, heel pain is also caused by: Read More...

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