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The Causes and Diagnosis of Shin Splints

How important are our legs?

The legs are no doubt the best gift from god to humans. They enable us to be mobile and explore the beautiful world around us. The human body requires proper care and attention in order to function without a glitch and the legs are no exemption. The legs comprise of thigh, shin and feet. The shin refers to the body part between the feet and the thigh. Just like any other part of the body, shins are affected by diseases and require proper care and treatment in order to heal properly. Shin Splits is the most common type of disease which has been reported by people, majorly athletes. Shin splits is often defined as throbbing and pain in the shins after walking, sprinting or running. Others may witness pain post their daily hectic schedule which may include remaining on your feet for longer durations.


What causes shin splits?

There are no. of reasons for a person to suffer from shin splits. Though the disease is common between athletes, as athletic activities directly put burden and force over the shins, hence shin splits is classified as the most common running injury. For runners, a shift from running surface can also cause shin splits. For example, shifting from dirt track to asphalt. Other major reasons of shin splits can be as follows –

• Overuse of the shin muscles which can lead to their swelling

• Stress fractures (tiny breaks in shin bone)

• Flat feet – They can lead to shin splits as the impact of running falls on the arch for people with flat feet

• Weak muscles of hip or core can also lead to shin splits

Do I have shin splits?

This question is often paused by anyone who has pain in the shins. Though, every time it may not be a signal for shin splits but the chances are YES, you might be suffering from it. Here are the most common symptoms of shin splits –

• Ache or throbbing in the shin after sprinting or running

• tightness and pain along the shins

• Swollen shin muscles

In case you have been experiencing pain in your shins ranging from mild to sheer, it is essential to get diagnosed properly in order to know the exact cause and get treatment accordingly. Shin splits, being caused by running, is often diagnosed by a sports physician. The best practice is to visit a sports physician as they are aware about the disease, treatment and have more knowledge and experience as compared with a general physician or a chiropractic.

Treatment for Shin Splints

The treatment for shin splints is no rocket science but the type of treatment you need generally depends on the cause of the diseases. For example, if the patient experiences shin splints due to overuse of the shin muscles then rest is ought to be the perfect treatment. This gives time for your muscles to repair and get back on track. Your sports physician is going to diagnose the disease and then suggest proper treatment accordingly. However, here are a few things which can be done in order to treat shin splints.


Rest, rest and a little more rest

If you feel or know that you are suffering from the disease then the best thing to do is to take rest. Let your body rest and make sure that you don’t put stress over your shin. The more you rest, the faster they heal.


apply ice for 10 minutes

Applying ice for 10 minutes on the shin region will give you relief from the pain and will even fasten up the muscle recovery rate.


Neoprene Sleeve

This orthotic equipment can be used to give support to the shin. This way the shin gets less burdened and recovers faster.


Say yes to painkillers for a while

To deal with shin splints pain, inflammatory painkillers can be taken on prescription as to eliminate the pain for a while.


treating shin splints with orthotics

Taking help of orthotics is a great way of treating the disease. Orthotics equipments and exercises can help in healing the disease to a great level. So, check out and schedule an appointment with a good ortho near you.

How to know if the disease has healed?

Just like symptoms, there are signs of healing also associated with every disease. Same is in the case of shin splits. Reduction in pain, swelling or x-ray of healed up stress fractures are going to serve as a proof that you have been healed which means that you can use your legs to once again enjoy your daily life and use your legs to their full extent without having to worry about them hurting.


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