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Plantar Fasciitis involves pain under the heels

Which are the Prime Risk Groups for Plantar Fasciitis?

Given the fact that Plantar Fasciitis is an orthotic ailment that afflicts runner and athletes on a very frequent basis, it is also commonly known as ‘jogger’s heel’ or ‘runner’s heel’. But does that mean that only the above groups are at risk of suffering from Plantar Fasciitis? Not really, because orthotic research has proven that undue strain on the heel or frequent bending of the foot and toes, can lead to this condition. Obese people are also at risk of developing Plantar Fasciitis, and so are people whose work involves standing for long periods of time, like receptionists, security personnel, sales clerks etc. But all said and done, this ailment characterized by intense pain under the heels, is extremely common in runners. The pain is usually found to be the most intense during the morning hours, or after physical activity, while the region of the pain is initially restricted to the heel, but goes on to spread across the entire plantar fascia, the connective tissue that runs along from your calf muscles till your toe bones.

Are children susceptible?

The susceptibility of children to Plantar Fasciitis is a very common question, and the fact is that children can also be affected. Not many people are aware of this fact, and tend to take cases of heel pain in children as a generic condition, thereby worsening the situation in many cases. If your child is suffering from heel pain, you must immediately get in touch with a trusted podiatrist, as medical research has proven that if children continue to play despite the initial symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis (primarily involving mild pain under the heels), the damage done can be long-term and often irreversible. While those children who participate actively in sports are obviously more susceptible to this ailment, the rising incidence of obesity amongst children, pre-teens and adolescents can also cause them to develop flat feet at an early age, thereby endangering the plantar fascia. But the good news is that in the case of children, this condition can be easily treated when detected at an early stage.

How does Foot Taping help?

In recent times, the concept of [3 ] as a remedial measure for plantar fasciitis, has become extremely common and its effectiveness has been discussed at various medical forums across the world. The fundamental principle behind Foot Taping is that restricting the movement of the Plantar Fascia will automatically reduce its wear and tear, and thereby accelerate its healing. As a matter of fact, athletic foot taping is also a popular preventive measure adopted by runners and joggers, to keep Plantar Fasciitis at bay. Taping has been found to yield positive results, particularly when the inflammation of the Plantar Fascia is in the initial or intermediate stage. In case you’re about to try out this option of athletic foot taping to relive you of heel pain, please remember to unfasten the tape before you sleep at night. After all, the skin on your feet needs to breathe as well, and taping it round the clock can lead to fungal infections!

Foot Exercises to Alleviate Heel Pain

When practiced regularly and strictly according to the instructions of your podiatrist or physiotherapist, foot exercises can really be very helpful in restoring your Plantar Fascia back to its original condition, and getting rid of the heel pain that’s been bothering you for so long. In fact, a combination of orthotic insoles, exercises and medication, is found to be the fastest and most effective way of treating Plantar Fasciitis. Even if you currently do not suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, but if your daily schedule involves a lot of running, standing, walking or if you happen to have flat feet, you should definitely check out these exercises to strengthen your plantar fascia, and spend just 5 to 10 minutes a day practicing them, in order to keep Plantar Fasciitis at bay!

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