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What is Plantar Fasciitis?

If you feel severe pain in your ankles and heels after walking for a couple of minutes, there is a possibility that you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. It is possible that you have inflamed tissues in your heel, which are causing this problem. This condition if not taken care of at an early stage can become very severe and can make your life very uncomfortable, as you will not be able to engage in your normal daily activities. The pain can become so severe at times that it becomes unbearable to even walk.

There are multiple reasons behind this condition. This condition is commonly found in females but it can affect anyone who is suffering from being overweight or anyone who does a lot of work which requires excessive standing or walking for prolonged periods. Research has also shown that people who have flat feet are also vulnerable to this condition. The fact is that once the tissues in the heel are overworked, they can become swollen or even tear. This condition normally starts off with a slight pain but with time, the pain grows to such an extent that it becomes unbearable. 

Treatment Options

Treatment of plantar fasciitis is not so expensive and difficult. Actually, there are multiple series of exercises you can perform to lessen the pain. These exercises are quite simple and can be performed anytime throughout the day, as they are also not time consuming. Orthotics are also great in correcting foot problems such as plantar fasciitis. 

Here at Behaf Plantar fasciitis, we help you to diagnose this condition by providing helpful information on the condition but we also offer several treatment options. We have a team of professional doctors, trainers and specialists who are keen to offer the best treatment to the people suffering from knee and ankles related problems. 

We know how to treat this serious problem and make your life easy. We have professional physicians who are well familiar with different exercises that can help in getting rid of this. Our physicians will offer you the best treatment with full surety of getting healthy. You will certainly find our treatment more effective, balanced and more health oriented where patient enjoys doing all those exercises. 

The sooner you start your treatment the better it is for you. Any carelessness in this regard may be costly. So, make sure you the best treatment with Closures Foot Specialists.

What Makes Behaf Plantar fasciitis Better?

Our physicians use the best technology and treatment to achieve the best results. Apart from offering the treatment we are also looking for new and better ways of treating plantar fasciitis. So, here you will find whatever you want to know about plantar fasciitis, its treatment and drugs. All in all, Behaf Plantar fasciitis is your best source of plantar fasciitis treatment.

So, if you are feeling pain in your heel or cannot walk properly then make sure to consult Behaf Plantar fasciitis because we know what is best for you.


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I am 35 years old and have put on a lot of weight recently. One month back I started feeling severe pain in my heel. So, I consulted Behaf Plantar fasciitis and started treatment. I am glad because now I feel much better and my heel pain is gone.
Tameka S. Holt

Happy Client

My mother is suffering from plantar fasciitis. We tried many treatment options but the condition only became worse. So, finally I contacted Behaf Plantar fasciitis and started their treatment. Now my mother is feeling much better and I am hopeful that she will get rid of this condition very soon.
Felipe V. Bush